How to Offend a World…

It’s easy. Just deny a group you don’t like, deny them any form of rights. And when they complain, you can then complain that they are hurting the economy, reputation of the country and, if all else fails, complain that they are against your religion.


If you want to read that, I only charge £5000 per word.

Sorry, didn’t I mention that before?

Oh, well, that £320,000 you owe me.


A level Of Certain Inevitability…

As long as I can remember, I have felt the way I am. There is no getting away from it. Yet there are people out there who make a choice to deny that of me. Not only me but many others.

They state that I cannot have felt what I did because I was too young. They then state I cannot feel that way because I am too confused. Now, I am told, I cannot feel that way because I am influenced by society.

Sorry. Not happening. It doesn’t happen that way.

Those who tell us how we should feel do so because we make them feel uncomfortable. How I feel is outside of their experience. Something that does not fit in with their knowledge. I’m someone they cannot cope with.

I say to them:

I am here, therefore I exist. I feel, therefore I know. I think, therefore I have knowledge. I search, therefore I learn. If you cannot cope with this then leave me and my sisters alone.

Never tell me what I can and cannot be.

That is up to me.

Never tell me who I am.

That is up to me.

Never tell me what I feel.

That is up to me.

Never tell me what I am.

That is up to me.

You can tell me where to go,

And maybe what I say.

And sometimes maybe what to do,

But never what I am.