Is the Media Brave?

Challenging Journeys (Phase 2)

So, Hadley Freeman wrote this piece.

Yesterday I submitted my first piece to the Guardian’s Comment is Free section – no idea whether they’ll publish it or not. It was ostensibly about Julie Burchill’s latest rant against trans women based on the media portrayal of Caitlyn Jenner, but actually, it was about how the media decides which voices to broadcast and which narratives are acceptable.

Hadley’s piece will attract opprobrium from the usual quarters too, largely because it will be read in terms of “why should we treat trans women as women?”, probably because the headline frames it that way. I’m not sure if Hadley’s piece actually says that, but she does repeat the standard cry that trans identities should be open to debate.

The issue I have is with the terms of that debate. Those societies which have been shaped by the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)…

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