I Did Nothing….

Her smile showing
You not knowing.
Your hate showing.
Her dark skin glowing.
Your ire growing.
Are you sure?

You follow her.
You hate her.
She’s changed you.
She’s challenged you. 
Just by walking past.
With her dark skin glowing
And her smile showing.

You think you know. 
The challenge.
As you hit her, 
You realise.
It wasn’t what you thought.

As her blood runs down.
As her life ebbs.
The look in her eyes
Was defiance.

You fall.
You sit.
Won’t quit.

A trans woman
died by your hand.
The realisation came too late…
She was human too.

I stand there.
My phone in my hand..

Hatred or Harmony…?

The following is something that has been sparked off by a post on Facebook.

I transitioned four years ago (MtF), a lifetime in the world of a trans person. In that time I’ve had my fair share of abuse, both physical and verbal. Yet, none of that has come from my parents. Why is it that some parents seem to uphold their religion or politics above the love they are supposed to have for their children? My parents are both Conservative and Christian, in addition my father was a member of the Parachute Regiment and so was a straight-laced army bastard. Yet, their love for myself and my brother takes pride of place. I wrote to my parents (they live in Spain, myself in the UK), explaining everything when I first transitioned. Their reply, to be honest shocked me. My mother wrote “Son or daughter, whoever you are, you will always be our child. “. I cried when I read this. Since then my mother comes over to the UK two or three times a year to see me and phones me every week. My father told me that, even though he’s having a hard time dealing with having a daughter now, he’s trying.

I’m not saying that all parents can do this, not all understand. Some make an effort to understand and eventually come to a closure and accept their trans child. Some do not. What I cannot understand is those parents who immediately raise the “religion” flag as an excuse to deny their children. Would they deny a child who didn’t want to follow their faith? Would they get rid of a child who couldn’t understand the concept of faith?

To me, a parent that denies their child purely through the facade of religion is someone who shouldn’t be a parent and if that religion is Christianity then that person cannot possibly be a Christian. If that religion is Islam then they cannot be Muslim. If that religion is Bhuddism then they cannot be a Bhuddist. The same goes for all religions

I apologise if this post is deemed offensive but it’s something that makes me angry. Very, very angry.