A natural woman?

Yet another important and thought-provoking post from the wonderful Jemima.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

This is a post I have started, and abandoned many times. Partially because the last thing the world needs is another think piece on trans people, and partly because I worried the usual suspects might misquote and misuse it. So let’s be clear, this is a personal post, about the experience of being cis, and as such it is about me, although others may find words resonate it proves nothing except perhaps as Carter sometimes says I over think everything.

How do you know your gender? For some its a meaningless question, they take an ontological approach, they know which gender they are because they are that gender. For others of us, its more complex. If, like me your feminism was formed in the crucible of gender being a social construct when your experiences fail to meet the expectations of society then it can cause you to question yourself, or your…

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