It Just Is…

Hi, I’m Matt, there are many things you can feel about somebody who is going through something you don’t understand. I want to tell you right now that it is quite frankly irrelevant. Why does it matter. Does it make you feel better when you name call? Do you feel better when you use your faith or whatever to to make you feel superior? I am a roman catholic and I am telling you whatever we use to justify bullying somebody we feel is wrong is pathetic. Trans? I don’t care. Gay? I still don’t care. I am neither for or against. when somebody uses whatever they think they are or whoever they think they are to fight, they are doing a disservice to themselves. You are more than ‘gay’ or ‘trans’ you are a human person with a soul, a heart and a brain. If being whatever was normal than nobody would care. Your body is a ‘thing’, but YOU are a person. focus on things you and your enemy agree on. You can shackle yourself to a cause but ultimately who gives a flying lesbian penis. just be you. YOU are a person. I’m sure that you have more interests than being gay. that is a mere fact. you may have the disadvantage of having the wrong body but that is still only one aspect. do you have a life beyond the battle lines than society has placed? My friends I implore you to chose. Be part of a fight? or… Be part of normal every day life? was that not the plan in the first place? And those against… You can’t stop how people feel sexually, nor can you change one person’s image of themselves. If you don’t believe in God then it should not matter. If you do, then how can you limit God by judgement of other people when you know they are loved just as much as you. Gender and Sex are only an issue because of US!! no excuses. Get over it.


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