An Open Letter To ISIL, ISIS & IS…..

I can only write this from a Western perspective and it is going to be short and sweet. I can only write this from the perspective of my own culture. I can understand yours, but I cannot live it. So, here goes….

What in Allah’s name, God’s name, Zarathustra’s name and any other deity’s name, are you doing? Blowing people up? That’s like schoolchildren being jealous. I’m 47, and I used to do that sort of thing when I was 4. In fact, when I was four there was a scary thing called the IRA. I lived in England and they decided to bomb us. We couldn’t go anywhere without worrying if a left package, car parked in the wrong place was a bomb. Going into a pub was an act of bravery. To walk down a street, where I live, was bravery. To even talk to someone who was Irish, or of Irish descent was an act of bravery. And, yet, that never stopped us, was never a factor in my friendships. The same as a person’s religion. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, et al, they do not define a person. They give a person a framework in which to define themselves, but they do not define that person.

To live something, not knowing if you will die, yet living it anyway, that is an act of bravery. Allowing those that you once called enemy to stand at the same table as yourself, that is an act of bravery. Study the IRA. Study UK/Irish history. Then you will find out what terrorism means.

I’ll give you some clue’s:

Muslim: I DON’T CARE

Catholic: I DON’T CARE


Buddhist: I DON’T CARE

Whatever your religion, I don’t care. One thing I will not stand for, one thing that I abhor, is those that kill in the name of their religion.


To my mind, you are not terrorists. You do not even have a just cause.

Like Christians of old (and some of new), you use your religion to justify your aims. Sorry, I just don’t think its going to work.