A Strange Planet

In a very real sense, we are all aliens on a strange planet. We spend most of our lives reaching out and trying to communicate. If, during our whole lifetime, we could reach out and really communicate with just two people, we are indeed very fortunate. Gene Roddenberry.

To be honest, I don’t know how to compete with that.

I wrote a post via Twitter which expanded on this and opened up a potential can of worms, if it ever will. I could go on an quote famous scientists but, why should I?

I’m tired.

Tired of my canine friend whining. Tired of needing to re-arrange my flat and do the washing up. Tired of hearing about some idiot not wanting to leave the White House. Tired of hearing about how leaving the EU is going to be good for the UK.

Yes, I know she wants to go out for a walk. I’ll do that several times a day. Re-arranging my flat so that all the pictures are facing the same way has been done. The washing up has been done, twice, and meals cooked and washing up done again. I’ll even put carpet down in the bedroom so that my partner doesn’t get cold feet.

In the meantime, what is happening in the world?

Well, some twat has encouraged a raid on the US capitol, and some idiot has removed the UK from the EU. All in one week. Amazing.

Well, first off, our government (as in the UK), has removed us from the EU. That, in itself, is probably the stupidest move going. While we were in the EU, we had trade agreements with 27 countries, free movement between them, health agreements which backed up the NHS, and a system of government which allowed us to challenge and dispute any laws we disagreed with.

Now, we have an incompetent government that cannot agree a trade agreement with one country, let alone twenty seven, no free movement, an NHS which is failing under the pressure of COVID and a system of government which cannot decide which way it wants to go.

Normally I would use the word ‘shambles’ but that would be too kind. In this instance I think that the phrase “Complete Fuck Up” is probably more appropriate.

I know that this whole shitshow started with David “Lets Kick off a War” Cameron but Teresa “Running Through Fields of Wheat” May took the ball and ran with it and the passed it to Boris “£350 Million” Johnson who completely, and absolutely, fucked things up.

Now, we’re stuck with a, I won’t even call them a government, pile of idiots who can’t even sort themselves out, let alone a country and to cap it all, we have COVID.

In two months time it will be a year since COVID came here and we had to lock down. In that time, what has the government done?


Yes, they’ve helped some companies stay afloat, furlough has allowed some workers (myself included), to retain their jobs and given the absolute bare minimum to those that needed it but, otherwise, sod all. Nothing but confusion, obfuscated figures and rules that make no sense whatsoever (I know, it does sound a bit like Monty Python’s “What Have The Romans Done For Us?).

Now, I’m going to say something here that may not be popular, especially with people who know me, and it does leave a bad taste in my mouth but, in the 80’s, especially when it came to the UK, Margaret Thatcher was a force to be reckoned with. She would brook no interference with the UK. As a member of the EU she accepted the European Court of Human Rights, although with reservations, she signed the Single European Act in 1986 (she later came to see this as a mistake) but, one thing she never did: she never dithered. She never wavered in her resolve. Unlike Boris Johnson, who wavers more than a patch of reeds in a stiff breeze.

To be honest, I would rather go back to a conservative government from the 80’s run by Thatcher than I would live under a conservative government run by Johnson. At least Thatcher made sense, even though I seriously disagreed with her. I suspect (and this will not endear me to any Northern Irish readers), Boris would have collapsed under the pressures of dealing with the Troubles in Northern Ireland, whereas Maggie stood firm.

Then, we have the yellow Cheeto in the White House. What can one say about him? Not a lot. He has the pesonality of a scrapped car, less ability than Boris Johnson (and that is saying something) and the political acumen of a toilet brush. In fact, of all the Presidents, I would rather have Ronald Regan. At least he was involved in a song. I doubt Trump would have even qualified for Spitting Image.

And, for a sitting President to encourage followers to break into the seat of government? Yeah, ok, that definitely would have qualified for Spitting Image but, I can probably guarantee that Maggie would have put him in his place.

All in all, this last year has seen the worst possible president in the US and the worst possible government in the UK.

I just wonder if those who stormed the Capitol this week may have stormed the wrong seat of the wrong government.