Comments Policy, Disclaimer & Copyright

Comments Policy:

I welcome comments on anything I write. I would just ask that you refrain from:

  • gratuitous self-promotion,
  • swearing,
  • transphobic/homophobic comments
  • Comments denigrating other minorities and ethnicities
  • overt statements of hostility towards myself or others

Disclaimer & Copyright Notice:

  • Please also remember that what I write in these pages is purely my own opinion, my own thoughts.  They do not reflect the opinions of any third party or organisation
  • Where I quote any third party I will endeavour to provide a reference to the source of that quote. I will also take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of any email or web links that I provide, external to this blog, but I cannot be held responsible for the actions of other web sites or their owners.
  • Where images are used then copyright will be attributed to the owner of those images and, where possible, permission will be sought to use those images.
  • I claim and retain copyright of any images, writings or media, audio or video, that has been created or authored by myself or members of my family. These images may only be used by obtaining prior permission from myself by writing to me at


I would like to thank Kira Moore for the idea of a comments policy, which led to the disclaimer as well.

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