Only Human….

Lonely: The feeling of being isolated, or

Lonely: The feeling of being isolated while surrounded by friends.

0230 (02:30am for those not used to 24-hour clock). I am alone. I could phone my partner, Tracey, and share my loneliness but I don’t want to burden her. I am alone. I have Star Wars on video, I have music, I have my computer. Yet, I feel lonely. I feel alone in this world. Lonely.

I love my wife. She is the light in a life of darkness. She is the one person who keeps me going. Yet, I still feel alone. Trapped, constrained in a body that defies how I feel. Lonely in my own body. I feel like I’m shouting to an empty world, pounding on a cell door that no-one will unlock, screaming to jail guards that will not listen. I can still walk through a world that sees me as I pass through yet I can shout, scream, rail at those same people and they will not listen. They cannot hear. They can only see what they have been told they can see.

Some people can see, those that are close to the epicenter, those that are close to the jail cell. Even then, they cannot feel the hurt, the pain, that is so obvious. Others can see the cell but do not understand what is inside. The jailers do not even know who they are guarding.

There is no movement. There is no community, no organisation and no agenda. There are no leaders.

There are only people.

Only humans.